Frequently Asked Questions

Let us handle that end.  We’ve been doing this a while and have some tricks up our sleeves.  Our main goal is getting enough images to offer you.  In the rare event that Fido simply won’t play along, all is not lost.  We will work with you to make it right.

We can appreciate that you may only need one or two images, but you may as well see all the lovely images we’ll show you.  Our pricing is based off the travel, setup time, expertise, the shoot, and other factors.  It is not based off how many images we capture.  This fee is the same for all clients. 

We really do understand that most people are working on tight budgets.  Especially if you have pets.  These little buggers can get expensive.  It wouldn’t be fair for us to bargain and negotiate different pricing for each customer.  However, if you don’t see a package that fits your budget, we’ll gladly listen and build a package tailored to your needs.  Just ask, we don’t bite.

The standard answer is generally within a couple weeks.  However, there are many times it’s much faster.  We love seeing the finally images as much as you.  I promise we’re working as fast as we can and will let you know as soon as possible.

Our studio is your home! Let us come to you.  Whether you prefer your living room, back yard, or local park, it doesn’t matter to us, THAT is our studio for the shoot.  Some pups simply prefer staying in an environment that are familiar with.  Some pets just don’t travel well or have health issues that limit their mobility.  Let us come to you.

‘RAW’ files are different than digital files.  RAW files are a special file that comes from the camera, it takes special software on the computer to view and edit them.  RAW files are never given out.  Digital files are one form of the finished product.  Some of our packages include digitals, but digitals are not included with every session.

We sure do!  Military (Retired or Active), Law enforcement, and our golden years pups. (Varies by breed)
Ask us for details!! 

This is the great unanswered question!!  There’s no way to tell you until it’s done.  Seriously, some dogs will nail it and we are done relatively quickly. Other dogs are… well… they’re dogs and that’s why we love them.  They may take a bit longer.  In general, we plan on an hour.  Sometimes it’s shorter, sometimes it takes longer.  No worries, our shoots are aren’t based on time. If your pup takes longer, we’re ok with that.