Emily and Churro

In the vibrant tapestry of our park community, Emily and her spirited companion, Churro, add a delightful touch of enthusiasm. Their presence, however, echoes a recent loss—the departure of Vigo, a cherished 15-year-old Springer/Blue tic hound mix. Vigo, a true friend and support, left a void in the family, marking a poignant chapter in Emily’s summer.

Reflecting on her upbringing, Emily shared tales of horseback riding dreams, eventually leading to the introduction of her first dog, a Shepherd mix, into her life. After Vigo’s passing, the yearning for a new furry friend was met by Churro, an 8-month-old foxhound/Shepherd mix. It seemed like fate intertwined the threads of their lives, creating an unbreakable bond between Emily, her husband Adam, and both sons.

Emily and Churro

Churro, with his endearing quirks and subtle whines, found his forever home in this warm family embrace. Described as a ball of energy, he finds solace and joy in the dog park, engaging playfully with every canine companion. While the shorter winter days limit their visits, the family ensures Churro’s regular dose of park adventures, with 1 or 2 weekly visits and weekends filled with joy.

In their free time, the family immerses themselves in nature, embracing the joys of hiking and snowboarding. Emily’s love for animals extends beyond her furry friends, sparking a desire for a splash pad or pool in the park for dogs to enjoy during the summer months.

In the rhythmic cadence of Emily and Churro’s daily walks through the park, there’s a charming tale that unfolds. On their journey to the dog park, there are days when time is elusive, yet Churro, ever the enthusiast, knows the way by heart. With a keen sense of routine, he persistently nudges Emily towards the direction of the dog park, embodying the eager anticipation of every furry friend eager to frolic freely.

Amidst these adventures, Churro boasts a unique hobby that adds an extra dash of whimsy to their routine. During his daily walks, this spirited pup has an uncanny knack for discovering sticks, some of them larger than Churro himself. Undeterred by the size or shape, he diligently collects each one, navigating the twists and turns of larger sticks that might pose a challenge. Proudly carrying his newfound treasures home, he assembles them in a stick pile, a testament to his unwavering pride and the simple joys that fill his playful world.

Ever ready to support the park’s vibrant community, Emily expresses her happiness in volunteering for events. Her dedication and love for the park shine through, making her an invaluable member of our pet-loving family. Thank you, Emily, for sharing your story and contributing to the heartwarming spirit of our community.

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