Carol, Amber, and Willow

In the heartwarming portrait of my cherished fur family, Willow, the thirteen-year-old matriarch, graces the left side, while her delightful ten-year-old daughter, Amber, radiates on the right. This tale of love and resilience began nine years ago when my Golden, Milly, succumbed to cancer, leaving her surviving companion, Bentley, in a state of melancholy.

Driven by a heartfelt desire to bring joy back into Bentley’s life, the quest for a new furry sibling commenced. Numerous Google searches and conversations with breeders led me to a breeder in Elma, NY. There, I encountered and fell in love with Willow—a show dog and veteran mother, having blessed the world with 30 puppies over three years. Willow, with her enchanting light red coat, became an integral part of our family.

Amber and Willow
Amber and Willow

During this encounter, another golden beauty stole my heart—Amber, Willow’s blonde daughter. Although unable to bring Amber home immediately, fate intervened three years later when I received a text from the breeder in Georgia. The message was simple but held immeasurable joy: “Are you still interested in Amber?” Without hesitation, a rented van, two friends, Willow, and one friend’s golden embarked on a journey to Georgia, returning with not one but three delightful companions.

Sadly, the joyous narrative takes a somber turn as Willow battles a rare cancer, undergoing treatment at Orchard Park Veterinary Hospital. Despite the uncertainty, Willow remains her wonderful self, and each day with her and Amber is a cherished gift. In the face of challenging odds, I find solace in their company, holding onto hope and savoring the love that defines our shared journey.

– Carol N.

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