Brittany and Ollie

Meet Brittany, the devoted pet parent of Ollie, a delightful 1-year-old mutt boasting a blend of 14 different breeds! Brittany’s journey to finding Ollie is a heartwarming tale of resilience and the transformative power of companionship.

Having experienced the loss of three beloved pets, Brittany navigated the depths of grief and decided it was time to welcome a new furry friend into her life. Cue Ollie, whose profile picture exuded playfulness and love. The initial meet-and-greet with Ollie was nothing short of magical – a scene where a whirlwind of affection left Brittany happily sprawled on the ground, covered in slobbery kisses.

Brittany and Ollie at Como Lake Bark Park
Brittany and Ollie at Como Lake Bark Park

Ollie’s backstory, originating from Texas, adds a poignant layer to their connection. His mom, pregnant with 10 puppies, faced grim circumstances with porcupine quills in her face and an eye infection. Thankfully, Nickel City Rescue intervened, bringing mom and surviving pups to Buffalo. Ollie, the last remaining puppy, found his forever home with Brittany.

Despite a challenging start, Ollie now frequents the dog park, conquering his initial fear of car rides with each joyful visit. A simple mention of “go to the park?” is enough to spark excitement in Ollie’s eyes.

Brittany, a dedicated professional at Aspire specializing in physical therapy for individuals with intellectual disabilities, shares her life with her husband Greg, an Academic Advisor at Bryant and Stratton College. Their love story, evolving over a decade, led Greg to relocate from NYC to be with Brittany.

Beyond their pet-filled adventures, Brittany’s interests include kayaking, hiking, and the art of baking custom cookies. An unexpected delight in our conversation revealed Brittany’s passion for bird watching, stemming from her previous work at a local nature preserve. Her depth of knowledge about bird species left me in awe.

In her spare time, Brittany dreams of enhancing the dog park experience by introducing agility equipment, and she’s open to volunteering for events. This remarkable woman not only finds joy in her pets but also thrives on helping others through her work in physical therapy.

So here’s to you, Brittany – a pet-loving, bird-watching, cookie-baking enthusiast with a heart full of compassion and a pup named Ollie by your side! Thank you for sharing your inspiring story with us.

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