Sue and Bandit

In the quaint town of Holland, Sue’s journey into the world of canine companionship unfolded with the arrival of Bandit, a vibrant yellow lab chosen by her son and daughter-in-law from Dan’s Kennels. Named after the Buffalo sports team, The Bandits, this lovable pup quickly found a home alongside a charming goat named Sabres in their spacious abode.

Life’s unexpected turns led Sue to take on the caretaking role of Bandit, a delightful 9-year-old with a penchant for laughter and an insatiable appetite. A former full-time employee at Cabela’s, Sue decided to embark on a new chapter a year and a half ago, retiring to savor the joys of life, love, and leisure.

Sue and Bandit at Como Lake Bark Park
Sue and Bandit at Como Lake Bark Park

Sue, a nature enthusiast drawn to the great outdoors, frequents the park with Bandit, reveling in the beauty of the changing seasons. Whether it’s a winter wonderland or a summer’s day, Sue and Bandit make their mark, showcasing the enduring bond between humans and canines.

A familiar face at Canalside concerts, a seasoned hiker, and a lover of park strolls, Sue’s appreciation for the simple joys of life extends to her passion for candle-making and gardening. She holds a special disdain for negativity, emphasizing her love for dogs and her unwavering commitment to kindness.

Speaking of Bandit, Sue chuckles at his insatiable appetite, recalling moments when his love for food bordered on comedic. Even in her days working at Cabela’s, if Bandit missed breakfast, Sue made sure to satiate his hunger upon her return home, only to find him ready for lunch just 20 minutes later.

Having experienced the heartache of losing dogs in the past, Sue initially vowed against having more canine companions. However, Bandit waltzed into her life, transforming her perspective. Reflecting on the profound companionship, devotion, and joy that dogs bring, Sue now declares, “I didn’t realize I needed another dog!”

Ever eager to give back, Sue wholeheartedly volunteers for park events, celebrating the brilliance of the dog park concept. Her only wish? More benches and shaded areas to enhance the community’s experience. With a heart full of gratitude, Sue stands as a testament to the indescribable joy that comes from sharing one’s life with a loyal and loving furry friend. Thanks, Sue, for being a vibrant part of our pet-loving community!

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